Monday, June 24, 2013


Today it's raining in the Bay Area, and I'm feeling rather homesick (read: I need lots more sunshine in my life). 

It was nearly impossible to get out of bed this morning, and I snuggled up in my comforter for as long as I could before facing the inevitable Monday Funday.  While avoiding reality, I checked the weather forecast in LA to see highs in the 80s. Jelly. 

I also sent a few snapchats to some friends to demonstrate how miserable I was. Yeah, this is my life. #shots

After a crazy commute (inclement weather + California drivers = something akin to an episode of the Jerry Springer show), I'm finally at work. 

And it's break time!!! 

Enter this Polyvore set, in which I take a most literal approach to referencing Hollywood and continue living in my SoCal fantasy world:

I can totally imagine H rocking this outfit, soaking up the sun and living it up in LA. I am def living vicariously right now. 

Back to work!


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