Sunday, June 23, 2013

'Ello there chummies & members of our vast currently nonexistent cyber fan base!

H here. Late to the party, as usual. BUT making up for it with my best attempt at an English accent, articulated via text (please see consonant extraction above). As it turns out, when I'm late in the real world, S is only stuck waiting 15-30 minutes...but somehow in the blogosphere those minutes turn into many, many, many minutes (aka 2 days of unfulfilled promises). Will do better in the future, promise, S.

As has been explained, we are two best friends with matching literature degrees & killer fashion sense! Okay, fine, not completely matching degrees. Mine was definitely less prestigious, but whatevz, look how kewl I talk now! Clearly college ranking is arbitrary. The fashion sense though, that's a no-brainer. Just look at that picture S posted. Some might have said that pairing a baby blue dress with a red veil-thingy was a strange clashing of worlds and colors, but I, I laughed in the face of those nay-sayers! Pure innovation. And S transformed that shawl into a belly-dancer's dream. If Britney and Madonna had teamed up with a team of high-class strippers, I think we could have had a powerful client-base for a clothing line. All at the ripe old age of 8.

I'm pretty sure this post has done nothing more than convince you of my insanity, but it's getting late, and I really must catch up on Pretty Little Liars try to be well-rested for work tomorrow. I will leave you with further proof that we are bffls (this one from this year, so you see we stayed friends past '97):

Ciao, lovelies.

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